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12,000 SF



While in the process of building Crow Works' new 50,000 SF Plant 2 project, Premier was asked to also take on the renovation of several historic buildings in downtown Johnstown, Ohio to create a new headquarters for Crow Works, as well as a new restaurant, Ghostwriter.  Premier assisted the Crow team from initial building inspections, Phase I and II environmental evaluations, through the real estate acquisition process, and then into design and construction.  The team adopted a phased approach to allow Crow to first occupy the new 2nd floor office space ahead of their existing lease expiration, then focus on the 1st floor restaurant buildout.  The main building had been long neglected, so it was gutted to a bare shell, then the team proceeded to install new water, gas, electric, and fiber utilities, significant structural repairs and upgrades, major masonry repairs and alterations, a new roof, all new custom windows and doors, new parking lot, 100% new electrical, plumbing, sprinkler, fire alarm, and HVAC systems, and all new high-end, highly-customized finishes throughout.  The construction team also dealt with numerous rounds of major client directed design revisions, including the addition of a solid-fuel hood system halfway through the project, in order to allow the restaurant to utilize a custom, open-flame, wood fired grill.  Despite the extremely challenging nature of the project,  Premier was able to deliver a stunning finished product that is serving the client's needs very well.

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